Pakistan and France both nations want to improve their economic ties. For this purpose they decided to work together. They plan for a better future and find more opportunities for investment and trade. The French Ambassador to Pakistan, Nicholas Galey, met with Pakistan’s Finance Minister, Senator Muhammad Aurangzeb. In this meeting they talk about how they can make their relationship stronger. 

During this meeting they also explored what both countries are interested in and what to do in order to cooperate better. Both countries want to make strong bonding by exploring new ways to work together and develop a closer economic relationship. 

This could lead to more business and trade, benefiting both countries. By talking and planning, Pakistan and France aim to create a solid foundation for a better economic future together. This is good news for people and businesses in both countries, as it could open doors to new opportunities and growth.

Meeting Between Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb French ambassador 

Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb recently met with the French ambassador and thanked him for France’s support in renewing Pakistan’s GSP Plus status. This status is important because it is related to Pakistan’s export to Europe with negligible tax. This step proves too beneficial for the pakistan economy.

During the meeting he said that the government is trying their best to keep the economy stable. He also mentioned the rising value of agricultural growth. Moreover, foreign currency reserves are now at $9 billion, and the Pakistani rupee is steady. Furthermore, he also discusses the down value of inflation and also improvement of the stock market. 

What is the outcome of the meeting?

Overall, the meeting was positive, with both sides showing support for each other. It seems like Pakistan is on a better path, and the French government is playing a part in that success.

The minister had a chat with the French ambassador about some good news: the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finished its second review of the country’s economic progress under the 

Standby Arrangement (SBA), and things were looking positive. The minister also talked about what the government is doing to improve the economy. This includes plans to sell off some government-owned businesses, reforms to improve state-owned enterprises, digitizing the tax system to make it more efficient, focusing on boosting exports, and making the energy sector more affordable.

He also mentioned the SIFC group. The SpecialInvestment Facilitation Council group is working to make investment easy for investors and explore new ways of businesses in the country. The idea is to cut through red tape and make the whole process smoother, which could help bring in more investments and, hopefully, lead to stronger economic growth. By sharing these developments with the ambassador, the minister was likely looking to build confidence and attract more interest from international partners like France.

The Pakistan’s government got appreciation from the French ambassador due to his efforts to boost the economy of the nation. This meeting brings the hope that Pakistan and France could work together in future. 

Furthermore, the French ambassador also highlights that France is open to give technical support to Pakistan especially in those areas that assist to increase the sustainability. 

He acknowledged the steps Pakistan has taken to stabilize its economy, suggesting that these efforts are heading in the right direction. The ambassador’s positive attitude indicated a good chance for even more partnerships between the two countries.