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Funding and Development

In its initial phase, SPC is envisaged as a virtual platform that will engage in physical events, mostly in Strasbourg, while commissioning reports and policy papers in cooperation with a vast pool of partners. In time, SPC will develop in-house research capacity and go beyond agenda setting and engage in policy development.

Funding for SPC has been secured from a wide pool of initial angel investors in London and Geneva. Over the next six months, SPC will be seeking to raise government, corporate, and individual donor funds related to specific research programs.

What we Stand For

Our Values


We take a broad view on what constitutes “expertise,” seeking to leverage first-person authority of political activists, business acumen, professional expertise, as well as academic credentials.


Transparency is essential to gain the trust we aim to gain from the public and our clients. Therefore, we have transparent methodologies and processes and we welcome criticism and constructive input.


We believe it is essential to provide our clients with knowledge that is challenging rather than merely adhering to pre-existing convictions.


In knowledge building-and-sharing there is no room for preaching. We believe that often the message is the medium and we always think hard of the appropriate tone, style and platform that reaches our target group in an engaging manner.