Our Mission

To assist governments and corporate to turn complex knowledge patterns into succinct policy recommendations.


The Strasbourg Policy Centre(SPC) brings together academics, professional consultants, and security personnel with the objective of creating an agenda-setting institution. We inform, train, develop and inspire.


Strasbourg is the symbolically loaded of capital of the project of European Integration. The city is home to the European Corps, the Parliamentary Assembly for the Council of Europe (PACE), and the European Parliament.


As Europe is renegotiating its position in  the world order, tries to overcome a low point in Transatlantic relations, and adjust to multi polar world order, we look at Europe from the perspective of its periphery.


With emergence of major regional powers and the retreat of multilateralism, our Policy Centre aspires to become a space for agenda-setting,  policy debate, foresight, documentation and development.

Our Vision

Create policy solutions that are informed by every view and constitute a compromise for everyone.

What we do

The Strasbourg Policy Centre is a multidisciplinary organization that at its initial stage of development acts as a talent pool and is currently developing in house capacity. We aim to be a catalyst for knowledge-building-and-sharing. We strive to provide relevant guidance to corporates and governments seeking to accommodate to a changing political and regulatory landscape, facilitating when possible consultation between social partners. We support governments in adjusting to a multi-polar intergovernmental system.  

Leading Regional

SPC’s scholars draw on deep ties and 

decades of experience working in the region 

to build better understanding of the Middle East,

Eastern Partnership countries, the Caucasus,

and Central Asia, and beyond. 

Policy Center

Beyond policy development, the organisation advocates for sound government relations to avoid conflicts.


Our expert teams have long experience in geopolitical and socioeconomic fields needed for our domain.


A source for non-partisan expert analysis seeking solutions to the region’s most challenging issues

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