With International Criminal Court( ICC) arrest warrants: Allow justice to take its course

In order to ensure accountability, the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors request for the arrest warrants. This is for the two leaders such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader  Yahya Sinwar. This move is the clear indicator that everyone should follow humanitarian law. This decision of the Prosecutor’s can assist to bring peace and end the Gaza conflict. Supporting this decision also helped to release the hostage held by Hamas. 

He charged them because they were committing crimes against humanity and doing illegal work during the October 7 attacks. Another Hamas leader is also responsible for all of the crimes committed during the war. Khan also said that some of the crimes are still happening. In order to stop all of this it is important to take strict action. 

Mr. Khan also accused Israel’s top leaders, including Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. He acknowledged Israel’s right to defend itself but accused them of using starvation as a weapon of war, targeting civilians, and other forms of collective punishment.

The prosecutor receives a lot of calls for justice from both countries. Both sides of the conflict want justice. Different families of Israel urged Mr. Khan to charge Hamas because of their actions and investigate the case carefully. These actions included forced disappearances, considered a crime against humanity by the court. “They simply want justice,” a lawyer for some of the families said. After the 7 October attack, Mr. Khan visited the Rafah border and stated, Acts like these must be investigated and punished.

Not from the Israel side, Mr Khan also received calls from the Palestine side. They also demand justice. When Mr. Gallant declared a “complete siege” of Gaza shortly after the October 7 attacks, potentially violating international law; the prosecutor had to initiate an investigation that led to today’s actions.

Palestinian human rights defenders have long called for international investigations and prosecutions of senior Israeli officials. They believe that the impact of accountability is only strong when the arrest warrant is issued on time, early in the current conflict, or even earlier for actions in the West Bank. They say that delay in justice is directly related to denied justice.

It is important for prosecutors to consider both perspectives. It is also crucial to take separate actions against these officials. But there is a concern that this might wrongly suggest an equivalence between Hamas, a terrorist organization, and Israel, a democratic member of the UN. Additionally he finds out that law is the same for everyone and protects all of the people equally. 

The actions of the Mr. Khan is groundbreaking. It is for the first time that a court issued an arrest warrant against the leaders of a close US ally. Furthermore, Mr. Khan should be focused on the serious allegations  like the deprivation of humanitarian aid and other collective punishments, which are the responsibility of senior leaders. 

Furthermore, the charges against the Hamas leaders are due to committing crimes on October 7. It include murder, sexual violence, and kidnappings. These accusations match the rules of the Rome Statute, which give the court the power to investigate and prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The charges against leaders of both parties is the sign that it is compulsory for everyone to follow international humanitarian law.  And if anyone breaks the rule then responsible for accountability. 

The US citizens along with Israel strongly disagree the decision of Mr. Khan. They don’t want Khan to investigate any case. Israelis also blamed him that he tae the side of Hamas. So, Mr.Khan faces too many complications including needing defendants in custody. Israel doesn’t recognize the court’s authority in its borders or Gaza.

Israel could argue the court lacks authority and blame Hamas for the humanitarian crisis. They 

should either argue this in court or investigate to show they hold officials accountable, avoiding court prosecution.

It is important to know that breaking international humanitarian law has serious consequences worldwide. Opposing the International Criminal Court (ICC) has worldwide consequences. Supported by the U.S. and Europe, the ICC is trying to prosecute President Vladimir Putin for alleged crimes in Ukraine. The ICC aims to ensure accountability for serious international crimes. Criticizing it only helps people like Putin who want to undermine its authority.

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