Ms de Groot’s paper on the impact of Brexit on trade between the United Kingdom and the European Union is a much-needed balanced perspective on the legal and regulatory landscape affecting the implications of the first country exiting the European Union.
The trade negotiations between the UK and the EU are mystifying to non-experts and Ms de Groot’s breakdown of the various legislative frameworks that are at play and how they interact with each other is clearly laid out, concise and very helpfully rendered with intuitive
The paper peels away at the various layers of trade regimes that will regulate trade between the EU and the UK, and within the British Isles (UK plus Ireland). The author introduces the major pieces of legislation that are relevant for trade in goods and services, highlighting nuances encountered when dealing with tri-party trade agreements. We also get a clear explanation of the possible ramifications of a trade agreement between the EU and the UK, or what will be the situation in case an agreement isn’t reached.
All in all, this paper by Ms de Groot is a very useful guide for any business that is either located in the EU or the UK or, for that matter, any business that imports or exports from either of them.

Maurizio Raffone, Tokyo

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