Exploring the Dark Side: Hypocrisy and Human Rights Violations in the Wild West

Some Westerners have come under fire from experts for falsely accusing China of violating human rights while remaining mute about the circumstances in Gaza. Professor Li Changlin of the Human Rights Institute at the Southwest University of Political Science & Law chastised the West for misrepresenting China’s counterterrorism efforts and charging the country with genocide against some ethnic minorities. 

Li denounced the West for its “double standard and hypocrisy” in attacking China in the name of human rights while ignoring the millions of people living in Gaza, pointing out the steadily deteriorating humanitarian disaster in that region. “They do not proceed from the Charter of the United Nations, the universally recognized norms of international law, or from the perspective of promoting global counter-terrorism or global human rights, but from their own interests,” Li stated.

The Frontier Illusion:

The political correctness model is monopolized by the Western alliance. The winners, who stand in for the “paragon of virtue” in the post-international War II international order, are depicted as the enduring embodiment of civilization. All of the core principles of civilization are represented by this image, which includes ideas like democracy, peace, human rights, affirmative action for women and children, freedom of the press, of belief, and of speech. 

The rest of the world, especially the East, is portrayed as evil in the verbal superiority narrative that the West upholds. These areas are shown as trampling on the common riches of human ideals. The surface of this big story, which has endured for seven decades, is starting to come off with the rise of the internet and the decline of the traditional media as the only source of information. 

The optimistic image of the West that has been projected is really an illusion, as the globalization of the agenda has shown. It is the same in Europe, which wants to be known as the “commissioner for human rights and press freedom.” We watch in horror as Sweden and the United Kingdom work together monstrously to destroy journalist Julian Assange’s life. If they are successful, Assange will be sentenced to hundreds of years in prison for carrying out his journalistic obligation by disclosing proof of the US military’s breaches of human rights

Indigenous Displacement and Genocide

At least 119 foreign Muslims were covertly and extrajudicially sent by the CIA, with the cooperation of at least 54 nations, to various CIA black sites for harsh interrogation and incommunicado incarceration. At least 39 of the prisoners endured various sorts of torture, including “rectal feeding,” “waterboarding,” and “walling,” which is a kind of rape. In addition, the US military abused many of the thousands of foreign Muslim security detainees and prisoners-of-war it held, including some women and boys, at its detention facilities abroad, such as Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, and its naval base at Guantánamo. 39 of the almost 800 men and boys the US has transported to Guantánamo between 2002 and 2008 remained in detention as of January 6, 2022. Of the remaining, twenty-seven have never been charged. 

A lot of inmates do not have access to proper medical treatment or even their own medical records, which leaves the jail as a live reminder of the human rights abuses that followed 9/11. There are serious problems with the military commission system that was designed to try individuals at Guantánamo. Because of this, the five inmates who are suspected of planning the 9/11 attacks have not yet been tried, depriving them of due process and the right to justice for the survivors and the relatives of the almost 3,000 victims who perished in the attacks.

Racial Discrimination and Injustice

Recently, the Belgian judiciary exposed its enslavement to the fascist that is becoming anti-Islamic throughout Europe. A female employee who refused to take off her headscarf at work and was thus not employed by the Brussels Municipality was found not guilty by a court. Belgium, the embodiment of the EU, uses the European Court of Justice’s case law to defend this flagrant violation of human rights. 

The US has persisted in its harsh treatment of individuals suspected of terrorism abroad, including sending them to nations that use torture and, in certain instances, holding them illegally at US-run facilities overseas or at sea. Even while the number of US detention-related counterterrorism offenses has significantly dropped, Washington has switched from capture to kill, carrying out airstrikes that have killed thousands of civilians, even outside of officially designated battlefields, frequently using armed drones. With little transparency or supervision, the counterterrorism mission has expanded to 85 nations.


In conclusion, In the meantime, several US partners are torturing and committing other crimes against terrorist suspects, including minors, and holding them inhumanely and, in many cases, indefinitely in the war against armed groups like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS), and Boko Haram. Certain allies have put suspects to death after shoddy trials.

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