Analyzing the discussion between Macron and Biden related to trade, Gaza and Ukraine 

Biden and Macron both are going to take part in a welcoming ceremony with their wives at the famous Arc de Triomphe. These two personalities developed a warm relationship now by forgetting  past tensions like the submarine deal with Australia. After the ceremony,  they’ll join a parade down the avenue des Champs-Élysées. Both of them have a policy meeting there and then enjoy dinner.

Back in 2022, Biden hosted Macron for a state visit at the White House.

According to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan statement, “ France is our oldest and one of our deepest allies. And this will be an important moment to affirm that alliance and also look to the future and what we have to accomplish together.”  

According to Sullivan, many important topics would be covered in their discussions. It includes the Russia-Ukraine war, Israel’s conflict with Palestine, Gaza war. They also talk deeply about the collaboration work regarding the Indo-Pacific region, and various policy issues such as climate change, artificial intelligence, and supply chains.

According to the latest statement from White House spokesperson John Kirby, France and the US work together to make new developments. They plan to team up on maritime law enforcement.It simply means the United State Coast Guard and the French navy will work together in order to keep the ocean system safe. 

Additionally both Presidents also discuss making NATO stronger and how they can support Ukraine. However, they haven’t yet decided on a plan to use frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine. Furthermore, one of the treasury officials of the United States Mentioned that the US and its G7 partners are making progress on figuring this out.

The recent meeting between US president Joe Biden and Ukraine president  Zelensky in Paris is a sign of stronger support for Ukraine. Despite the fact that new aid for Ukraine from the US takes some time to approve. However, Biden apologized for the delay. Zelensky speaking to the French National Assembly highlights Ukraine’s need for international backing.

During the speech in Normandy, Biden also urged the Western Countries to help Ukraine. This is a powerful reminder for countries to keep united in tough times. This historical context makes the message even stronger.

Both Biden and Macron are also shedding light on the Middle East crisis. It is a clear sign that both leaders keep an eye on all nations at once. 

All know that the US and Israel both nations strongly support each other. On October 7, when Hamas attacked, Joe Biden took strict action against Hamas in Gaza.  However, the large number of Palestinian deaths has strained his relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and upset many of Biden’s progressive supporters as he seeks re-election in November.

One of the major complications between the United State and Europe is the trade issues. After the inflation Reduction Act from Joe Biden, many European officials are upset. Furthermore, it allocates $369 billion in subsidies for electric vehicles and other green technologies. Due to these subsidies, many American companies get unfair advantages. They are also afraid that these advantages make it harder for European companies to compete.

The main issue is that this action of the United States could harm the competitiveness of European Union businesses. It also led to significant trade disagreements between the two sides of the Atlantic.

Back to 2022, when Ennanuel Macron visits Washington. He warned the US officials that 

American subsidies will become the reason behind the division of Western countries. It also hindered Europe’s recovery from COVID-19.

This is especially concerning as the US needs allies against China, and both the US and Europe are facing challenges from Russia.

Since then, Macron and other European leaders have managed to gain only minor concessions from the US. French officials now aim to align the economic policies of the US and the EU during this visit.

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